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Community journalism is one of the major instruments of effecting positive changes at the grassroots level. In current day Nigeria, the reality is that most national dailies do not have adequate editorial space for issues affecting the grassroots except when such issues have national relevance. However, what is nationally relevant most times may not be relevant to an average community dweller. In this regard community media provides the needed voice for people in this category.

The community media is a bridge where people, many poor people are able to be seen by the government. It gives information about what is happening to those people in their lives.

Communitystandard.com.ng is coming on board to fill these gaps in Alimosho local government and the six surrounding LCDAs.

Our goal is to draw the attention of the government, both state and local, to the pitiable situation of the communities within the area. Although the state government is doing a lot in some areas, a vast other areas have not smelt or tasted government presence in any way.

Apart from this, communitystandard.com.ng will also recognise achievements and successes recorded by governments as well as individuals in the communities irrespective of their statuses, socio-political and religious affiliations. By and large, it is a platform for positive change in Alimosho and the respective LCDAs.

Our coverage will range from ‘everything community to anything community.’ In essence, news and articles on the platform will cover areas of community businesses, government bodies, law enforcement agencies (community police stations-DPOs), schools, community leaders (CDA leaders, Baales, Obas etc., volunteer organizations, non-profit groups, youth groups, civic clubs, grassroots sports and religious organisations.

We are committed to professionalism, ethical discipline and fear of God in carrying out our responsibility.