By Samiat Thompson-Saba

Al-Muminaat (the Believing Women) Organisation, Alimosho Local Government, has held a Pre-Ramadan public lecture to prepare Muslim women in the communities ahead of the Holy month of Ramadan.

The event, which also included medical check-ups for participants, was part of the organization’s efforts to ensure Muslim women maximise the abundant benefits in the Holy month, commencing in few days.

The lecture, with the theme, “Rewarding Opportunities,” held on Saturday March 2, 2024, at the Abesan Estate Central Mosque.

The Guest Speaker, Ustadh Bashir Bamiro, reiterated the need for the women to purify their intentions, saying that it is only the Almighty Allah that is in charge of rewarding His servants.

He identified some of the benefits of fasting during the month of Ramadan to include shielding the fasting individual away from sins and Hell fire, positive impacts of health, increase in faith, inculcating patience as well as purifying the individual.

Ustadh Bamiro also encouraged the women to engage in a lot of charitable activities during the month, recommending feeding of fasting Muslims.

According to him, “a person who feeds a fasting Muslim gets reward as the person that fasted without the fasting person’s reward deducted.”

Dr. Azeezat Oyewande, who gave a Health Talk at the event, gave tips on how to eat right and stay healthy during the holy month.

She advised the women to eat minimally and add vegetables and fruits to their meals in order to have a healthier body.

The annual programme was attended by members of the organization as well as various Asalatu groups in Alimosho.




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