It may no longer be business as usual in Alimosho chapter of the All Progressives People’s Congress, APC, as there have been agitations, lately, by a group called New Alimosho Movement, challenging the leadership of Alhaji Abdullahi Enolobo.

Enilolobo is the State Organising Secretary of the party and he is the acclaimed Apex leader in Alimosho Federal Constituency.

However, some other party youths have also passed a vote of confidence on him, affirming their full support for his leadership.

Why Alimosho New Movement

The group says it’s coming on board to speak against what it described as “political slavery and deceits by some political leaders for years without developmental projects and programmes to show for their stewardships.”

The group’s arrowheads are Abiodun Ishola Ejibadero, Prince Idris Balogun popularly called Oluomo Kafata and Abiodun Ariori.

At the inaugural meeting of the group held at Ejibadero’s office at New Era, Alaguntan, last week, the coveners said it was imperative to form the movement considering the political bondage few opportunistic acclaimed political leaders put both party members and the constituents of our constitituency.”

The meeting had in attendance over 500 youths from Alimosho LGA, Agbado/Okeodo LCDA, Mosan-Okunola LCDA, Ayobo-Ipaja LCDA, Egbe-Idimu LCDA and Igando-Ikotun.

Though, they all pledged their loyalty to APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the party, but expressed their displeasure against the political dynasty created by Alhaji Abdullahi Enilolobo and his fellow G18 and G10 leaders.

Allegations against Enilobo

The group, according to the Media Aide to the late Chairman of Agbado Oke Odo LCDA and a staunch advocate of the group, Edafe Oghenebrume, in a statement at the end of the meeting claimed that the leaders “kept accumulating wealth at the detriment of the people and cornered what are meant for the empowerment of youths and women.”

Balogun (aka Oluomo Kafata) claimed that the conveners of the new political movement have their businesses and sources of incomes with which they have been funding the party and assisting people, in Alimosho, unlike most of those he termed “opportunitists in power” who see politics as a profession instead of vocation or service to humanity.

Vote of Confidence

Meanwhile, another set of party youths today passed a vote of confidence on his leadership.

The youths, who trooped enmass on solidarity visit to the residence of the party leader at Arida, affirmed their confidece in his leadership, stating that “no place in Nigeria had experienced the youth support as it exists currently in Alimosho.”

According to them, it was imperative for them to come out and reiterate their support for the performing leadership of Enilolobo.

They said the administration of Enilolobo had brought hope to the youths in Alimosho.

The explained that 95 percent of Supervisory Councillor seats in Alimosho are occupied by the youths, the entire councillors in Alimosho are youths, five out of the six Secretary to Local Government are youths, three council chairmen are youths, one of the House of Assembly members is a youth, the two state cabinet members from Alimosho are youths.

The Youth President, Agoro Ismail, said this feat cannot be achieved youth “without the support of youthcentric Enilolobo.”

He added that, “Alimosho remains a working example of what Nigerian youths are calling for.”

The latest development in the party, according to political observers in the Constituency, need to be properly managed ahead of the 2021 Local government election on one hand and the 2023 general election on the other.

The party cannot afford division at this level considering what is happening at the national arena where inter-party wranglings had cost it electoral losses.

One of the allegations against Enilobo’s leadership in Alimosho, according to Community Standard’s findings, is that most of those who hold political positions are not indigenes of Alimosho but are foisted on the people.

Similarly, the leadership had also been accused of not coming to the assistance of party members during period of misfortunes.

But, how Alhaji Enilobo and the party leadership as a whole manages this crack will go a long way in determining its continued dominance in Alimosho in the years ahead.


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