By Miftaudeen Olowoyobiojo

A former Amir (President) of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, MSSN, Lagos State Area Unit, has advised the Nigerian government to adopt what he called ‘the China option’ in its fight against corruption.

Ustaz Qasim Badrudeen gave the advice at the annual Ramadan lecture of the Alimosho Central of of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, with the theme, Social Vices: Muslims as agents of change.

He said the option aligns with Islam which gives justice to corrupt individuals irrespective of the positions they hold in the society.

Ustaz Badrudeen noted that Nigerians were fond of blaming the government for prevalent corruption in the country but they too perpetrate a lot of corrupt activities such as tampering with electricity meter to evade payment, embezzling community development association fund, earning government salary without working for it among others.

The former MSSN amir listed bad governance, drug abuse and addiction, thuggery, adultery and fornication, sexual abuse and stealing as some of the vices that Nigerians must shun.

He said failure to shun these vices will have serious consequences which he added are already manifesting in the country.

“If we pray to Allah such prayers will be rejected. We will continue to live a fearful life and there will be so much hatred and killings in the land.Are we not experiencing all these in our country now?” He asked.

Ustaz Badrudeen said Nigerians must return to Allah and hold on to the examples of Prophet Muhammad, as well as imbibing the virtue of contentment for peace to reign in the country once again.

He explained that Muslims have a major role to play in retuning people back to Allah.

According to him, Muslims are supposed to exhibit good characters as enjoined by Islam for others to emulate.

“It is only by exemplifying the beautiful morals of Islam that Muslims will be able to correct the vices in the society and also influence positive changes,’ he said.

In the meantime, Ustaz Badrudeen has urged parents to monitor their children and the kind of company they keep.

He lamented that most parents have become negligent towards the upbringing of their children, which has resulted in the prevalence of drug abuse, thuggery, sexual perversion and other vices in the society.

The Ramadan lecture had in attendance many residents including the Alasalatu groups.
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