The harmattan season, especially in this part of Nigeria, Lagos precisely, has defied normal expectations concerning its timing.

Ordinarily, no one expects that harmattan would still be around at this time in Lagos but here we are!

So this week, Dr Majolagbe Islamiat in this short piece, writes about tips for coping with the season.

Dr Majolagbe Islamiat

The harmattan season is here again when its dry and dusty and the wind blows across the West African Coast between December and February every year. Sometimes this dry, cold and dusty weather can make one feel uncomfortable or even sick.

Each time the wind blows, it results to a heavy amount of dust in the air which can a times block or prevent us from having a good/clear vision and even block out the sun, whirl winds are also very common in this season.

The harmattan season also has various negative effects to our body. The ocular and respiratory systems are affected, the skin as well.

This period is characterized by the cracking lips, sole of the feet, hardening of the palms, dry skin, amidst others.

We, therefore, need to take necessary steps in order to cope with the season:

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Wash your eyes regularly to avoid red eyes which is common in during harmattan.

Stay indoors to avoid dust inhalation and harmful particles coming with the wind.

Cover your nose and mouth with a face mask or towel when it is dusty.(if you need to go out).

Avoid or reduce outdoor activities, especially if you have allergies.

Wear clothes that keep your body warm.

Go to the clinic if you have red, itchy, and watery eyes.

Get medical help if you have running, itchy, sneezing, and stuffy nose.

Keep the doors and windows closed to prevent dust.

Always use moisturizers to prevent dry skin and dry palms.

Use lip balm to prevent cracked lips.

Bush burning should be discouraged, avoided/reduced.

Wash fruits and vegetables very well, especially with water in order to avoid food borne diseases. Fruits and vegetables can be contaminated.

Electronic appliances not in use should always be disconnected during this period.

Many people care less about using body cream. Not in this season, it’s of immense benefit that we apply cream, especially moisturizers.

Apply hair oil, hair sprays, lotions or creams to hair regularly.

Avoid the use of facial cleansers as it dries up the oil on the face thereby, opening up the pores of the skin.

Whatever you do during this season, please do make sure you are healthy and fit.“

Health is wealth.”

Till we meet again.

Dr Majoalgbe Islamiat

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