This special Tribute is written by Mr Abdulhakeem Adejokun in recognition of the academic feat attained by Dr Elegbede Isa Olalekan


About 23years ago, a brother entered into the classroom at the EMC Agege in Anwarul Islam College, obviously newly admitted. After exchanging pleasantry i inquired about his name. He gazed at me like a strange being, still looking, i asked again “What is your name so i can put it in the register”. This time i returned the look with a stern face ( I am the class captain here, you should act normal).

He looked perharps, thinking (Oga class Naqeeb, me self be oga). For the last time, what is your name or i put nobody as your name. He answered, “General Abdus Salam Abubakar”. What! This brother doesn’t know anything oo. He thinks we are here to joke, I quickly put it down, if you like call yourself, Gen. Abacha.


Along the years, we shared loving memories together. We have jointly with Allah’s rahmah, made impart in our education career, professionalism, choice of marriage, outlook to life, business careers, and our dawah orientation. I remember seeing him off to the Airport on the first date of setting out for his academic feat and returning home in the dark in the around 11pm.

While away hardly, would a day pass, which we won’t communicate. Our hearts are thousands of miles apart yet we never missed each other’s company.

When others had several opportunities, he was able to maximise only the little he had, yet victorious with Allah’s mercy.

He met disappointments and almost quitted, but we wanted to see what will happen if he didn’t quit.

He grew to become an icon, and indeed a promising one for us, bi idhnillah. He has set his foot on all the continents of this world transversing countries such as; United Kingdom, United States, Poland, Cezc Republic, Portugal, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Korea, Ethiopia, Italy, France, Canada, Spain, Saudi Arabia among others.

He has written and presented several research papers at various international conferences in preparation for this feat. On an occasion, he wowed the participants of a high-level plenary session, when a blackman represented Germany, in a conference that was strictly attended by European countries.

On another instance, the Nigeria Government required the service of a well-groud Marine/coaster and environmental expert as a discussant for a conference co-hosted by International Ocean Institute, Portugal. They replied saying, they know of a Nigerian who can help the country in this regards. It’s still my friend that was invited.

Today, i am glad to present to you, Dr. Elegbede Isa Olalekan. After successful defence of his Phd. Thesis.

PhD. in Environmental Sciences (Marine and coastal resource sustainability)
Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU), Cottbus- Senftenberg, Germany.

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