By Samiat Thompson-Saba

Al-Muminaat (the Believing Women) Organization, Alimosho Local Government, today, held an administrative seminar for newly elected cabinet members.

The seminar is a tradition where newly sworn-in cabinet members are educated on their various responsibilities in order to have a good understanding of the tasks ahead of them and be able to achieve the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

In a welcome speech, the Amirah, Hajia Ubaydah Farayola-Alamutu, told the participants, who are executive members at both local government and branch levels, that their being chosen to serve in the cabinet was not by chance but by Allah’s design.

Hajia Hubeidat Farayola-Alamutu

“So, dedicating your time, energy and resources to the responsibilities attached will only count on your scale of goodness before Allah both in this world and the hereafter,” she said.

Hajia Farayola-Alamutu urged them to play their part as well as their best in furthering the course of Allah through Al-Muminaat, adding that there are many challenges ahead and the only way to overcome the challenges is Teamwork.

According to her, “without teamwork, we cannot achieve our objectives.”

Making reference to Qur’an Chapter 48:10, the Amirah emphasized the need for the participants to remain steadfast on their allegiance to Allah’s course, warning them against laxity or breaking away from the responsibilities therein.

Speaking on the theme of the seminar, “The Spirit of Teamwork, the Clarion Call,” Guest Lecture, Hajia Sherifah Odekunle-Dindi, emphasised sincerity of purpose, conviction and dedication as tools to achieving the cabinet’s goals.

Hajia Sherifah Odekunle-Dindi Guest speaker at the event

Hajia Odekunle-Dindi, who is the project officer of Al-Muminaat, Lagos State, narrated some sayings of the prophet to further buttress the importance of unity and collectivness.

On the theme, the Amirah explained that it was a clarion call for participants to fasten their belts in readiness for Allah’s work.

“This is pertinent because of the situation we now find ourselves with regards to the current Covid 19 pandemic that has disrupted the way we do things and live our lives,” she added.

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